A Parting Note: Till We Meet Again

August 16, 2023    Comment off

As we gather this evening for our closeout dinner, both of us, John Stone and Godwin Selembo, want to take a moment to reflect upon the journey we’ve shared together. From the bustling sessions of the summit in the Ngorongoro Crater to the scenic drives through Tanzania’s heartland, every moment has been enriched by your presence and participation.

We embarked on this summit with a vision – to create a space for collaboration, understanding, and mutual growth. And as we look around the room tonight, we’re heartened to see the seeds of new partnerships, the glimmer of future innovations, and the shared commitment to building a brighter tomorrow. Our gratitude to each of you is immeasurable. It is your insights, your passion, and your relentless quest for knowledge that turned our vision into reality.

As we bid adieu tonight, it’s not just as the founders of this summit but as fellow travelers on a shared journey. Here’s to new horizons, to the partnerships forged, and to the many reunions that the future holds. Until we meet again, carry forward the spirit of collaboration, and remember that the bonds formed here are just the beginning. Safe travels and heartfelt thanks from both of us.