Day Two: Welcoming Waves at Kilimanjaro International

August 17, 2023    Comment off

As the sun rises on the second day, Kilimanjaro International Airport bustles with anticipation, welcoming attendees for our landmark investment summit. Each arrival is not just a guest but a vital contributor to the mosaic of insights and discussions set to unfold. Our efficient ground team, identifiable with their welcoming smiles and summit insignia, stands ready to assist. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time in Tanzania, we endeavor to make the transition from flight to hotel as smooth as possible, reflecting the professional and thoughtful organization of the summit itself.

Once at your luxurious accommodation, you have the option to ease into the summit’s atmosphere at your own pace. While we have a dedicated registration desk at the hotel, remember there’s no rush to collect your summit badges. For those keen on soaking in the vibrant ambiance of the safari lodge early on, we’ve set up a registration booth there too. This flexibility ensures you have ample time to settle in, acclimatize, and maybe even enjoy a Tanzanian sunset before the summit’s grand commencement.