Savoring the Moments: Embrace the Downtime

August 16, 2023    Comment off

After days of engaging sessions and stimulating interactions, a well-deserved downtime awaits. Consider this a golden opportunity to truly immerse in the local ambiance of Arusha, or perhaps indulge in some quiet reflection. Whether you’re keen to simply unwind in the luxurious comforts of our hotel, or find a serene spot to process the summit’s insights, the choice is entirely yours.

For those with an urge to explore further, or perhaps secure a tangible memory of this Tanzanian adventure, we’ve arranged for vehicles on standby. Whether it’s a vibrant local market, an artisanal craft store, or a place known for its traditional wares, feel free to indulge in some last-minute shopping. Bring home not just memories, but also tokens that speak of Tanzania’s rich culture and heritage.