Visionary Start with Co-founders

May 15, 2018    Comment off

Embarking on our journey at the 2024 Investment Summit, we are privileged to have our co-founders, John Stone and Godwin Selembo, delivering the opening statements. Their collaborative vision and passion led to the genesis of this summit, and their words promise to encapsulate the spirit and ambitions that drive our gathering. Through their opening remarks, attendees will gain insight into the heart and soul of the conference, as well as the transformative potential it aims to harness.

John Stone, with his extensive background in investments, and education, along with Godwin Selembo’s deep-rooted connections to Tanzanian manufacturing, education, and investment industries, together represent a harmonious blend of international perspectives and local expertise. Their combined viewpoints set the stage for a conference that truly bridges global investment strategies with on-the-ground opportunities in emerging markets.

As we dive into the rich tapestry of panels, discussions, and workshops over the coming days, the foundational thoughts laid out by John and Godwin will serve as our guiding light. Their statements will not only set the direction but will inspire each participant to engage, contribute, and reshape the future of investment in our interconnected world. Join us as we embark on this journey, led by two visionary leaders at the helm.